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Not all of us are natural when it comes to cooking, but most of us like to enjoy delicious and scrumptious food. None of us become master chefs overnight. Its an art form that takes consistent practice and experience to get good at. Its a lot easier to order at a restaurant, but sometimes we crave home cooked meals with that special dazzle. That’s where ChowFun Foods wants to help; we want to provide simple yet delicious recipes that anyone can follow and make. 

ChowFun Foods comes from the shared cooking struggles of individuals as they progress through their lives. Whether it is moving away to college; moving to a new city for work, or to a foreign country, cooking is essential. New journey in our lives comes with struggles and cooking is one of them.  The journey to creating amazing food doesn’t have to be rocket science. With guidance and recipes, like from ChowFun Foods, cooking can be as simple as breathing. 

Entering college is a time of great unknowns and exploration. Its a time when young individuals move on to live with themselves (and others) for the first time. Being far away from home forces you to be a lot less dependent on your parents. Theirs a lot of first time for those entering college; some good and some not so pleasant. But this is where most get to delve into the culinary world of cooking. Most of us don’t make amazing foods at this stage (I know I didn’t), but we get our feet wet nonetheless. We experiment with making sandwiches, pasta, and maybe something more complex like curry for the adventurous ones. 

No one becomes a culinary master during college because there’s so much going on. The college experience can be overwhelmning. Choosing between meeting new friends, club activities, or studying is already tough. This changes a bit when you begin to work (besides for the folks who work more than 60 hours a week) and move out to live on your own. You have more free time to yourself and for some of us that means more time trying to cook. Sadly, getting good at cooking doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of trial and error and research to find out what you’re doing. 

Other journeys in life comes with new obstacles as well. Living abroad poses a new twist – local food no longer caters to what you’re used to. Going from a western restaurant to an asian one leaves you clamoring for a good burger or even burrito. This can be a blessing in this disguse as well. Being surrounded by new flavors expands your palatte and leads to new possibility in cooking. I personally started from experimenting with adding random ingredients in a pot. This was serviceable at best. Choosing the right spices and vegetables to compliment the main ingredient changed everything. 

Its all about understanding how each ingredient blends together for a delicious dish. This doesn’t just require cooking over and over again. Experiencing food from restaurants around the world helps gives you a starting point. A foundation to pinpoint and dissect all the small little nuance that makes each dish so great.  Learning how to enhance and compliment key ingredients in a dish is crucial in making great food yourself. 

It might seem like learning how to make great food might take forever, and might even seem impossible. ChowFun Foods takes the best of home cooking around the world and puts it all into one place. Its a treasure trove of recipes made from the refined experience of cooking so everyone can make great food themselves. Most recipes are easy and have step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow along. The journey to creating amazing food doesn’t have to be an arduous one, but it can be a lot easier than going at it alone. ChowFun Foods wants to be their along the bumpy ride to hand you an assist whenever you need it. Because the cooking part of food can be just as Fun as Chowing it down. 


Making delicious food doesn’t have to be a chore or rocket science. With the right tools and recipes on hand, making food can be just as fun as eating it. 

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