Disney Dole Whip with a Refreshing Twist

The Magic of Dole Whip

Disney Dole Whip is one of those must-have desserts when you head to Disneyland. There’s usually a long line for it, but its worth the wait. Especially on hot and humid days. At a glance, Disney’s Dole Whip seems like regular soft-served ice cream with pineapples. Once you get your first bite, you’ll know why there’s always a long line at Disneyland. I still remember the taste of Disney’s Dole Whip more than a decade ago (yes, its been that long since I’ve been). Its that memorable and delicious. 

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The Official Disney Dole Whip Arrives

Because of the fiasco caused by the coronavirus, Disneyland closed its door to the public. This sucks because its always fun to go to Disneyland and to have all the amazing Disney food. Even though I haven’t gone in so long, all this free time makes me want to go. The closure of Disneyland at least has some good news to it. To keep most of us from going crazy (and remembering Disneyland), Disney released their official recipe of the signature Dole Whip. There’s already a lot of copycat recipes out there for the Disney Dole Whip, but its not the same. You can have the actual Dole Whip from Disney. The best part about it? It only requires three ingredients – frozen pineapple, pineapple juice, and vanilla ice cream. That’s it. 

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disney dole whip
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Disney Dole Whip with Refreshing Twists

Prep Time1 d
Cook Time10 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: disney dole whip
Servings: 2



  • add the shot of gin or any alcohol base into a small bowl
  • add in the mint leaves with the alcohol and muddle until the oils are released
  • Remove the mint leaves.
  • put caramelized pecans into a small ziplock bag and crush them until they’re in small pieces.


  • To make the boozy dole whip, add in the vanilla ice cream, pineapple juice, frozen pineapple, mint infused gin into a blender
  • Stop and mix around and blend again.
  • Blend until its completely smooth.


  • Scoop the dole whip into a plastic ziplock bag
  • If its too soft or already beginning to melt, leave it in the freezer for an hour or two.
  • Cut out a half star at the corner of the ziplock bag.
  • Squeeze into a pineapple shell or a bowl
  • Add the crushed pecans and mint as garnish.
  • squeeze a few drops of lemon juice for the finishing touches. 

The New and Improved Disney Dole Whip

I tried it myself and it tasted amazing. They say don’t fix what’s not broken, but I dare to be different. Dole Whip was already amazing, but the recipe was already in my hands, I attempted to make it even more amazing like the viral whipped coffee everyone was making. There’s a bunch of copycat recipes out there already and some have gone so far to make the iconic soft-serve vegan. That sounds great and all, but its not for me. I rather add something that’ll keep me sane during this lockdown from the coronavirus. Similar to the boozy whipped coffee I made, I also wanted a touch of alcohol into the mix. 

Any alcohol would do, but I wanted something refreshing and not to overwhelm the Dole Whip. I went with a shot of gin to replace a portion of pineapple juice. This makes it a tad less sweet, but the boozy aspect more than makes up for it. Needless to say, this is a dessert for adults and not kids. The dessert reminds me a cocktail but in soft-serve form. In keeping with the classy theme, I muddled mint oils into the gin. Then I garnished the Disney Dole Whip with caramelized pecans and a splash of lemon juice. This isn’t your ordinary Dole Whip from Disneyland, but its perfect for someone who wants Dole Whip and an extra something to it. 

Detailed Instructions

This Dole Whip requires pineapple juice, frozen pineapple chunks, vanilla ice cream, mint and gin, and caramelized pecans. 

Pour a shot of gin into small bowl and add in the mint leaves. Muddle the mint leaves together.

Repeat for a minutes or two or until the gin begins to turn light green. 

The caramelized pecans needs to be crushed to be sprinkled onto the Dole Whip. To do this, add them into a ziplock bag and crush it with something flat. 

disney dole whip

To make Disney Dole Whip , add the pineapple juice, frozen pineapple, and vanilla ice cream into a blender. This is the original recipe for the Dole Whip. To make my special and refreshing Dole Whip, add the mint gin as well. 

Blend together until its completely smooth. You need something strong like a vitamix or you might get small chunks from the frozen pineapple. If the pineapple isn’t thoroughly frozen, the Dole Whip will be watery. 

disney dole whip

To make the swirls like a soft-serve, scoop the Dole Whip into a plastic bag and cut a small hole on the bottom. Wear gloves to make sure you’re not quickly melting the Dole Whip with your body temperature. 

disney dole whip

Garnish the Dole Whip with a slice of pineapple, mint leaves, crushed caramelized pecans and squeeze of lemon for added freshness. 

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