Matcha Lava Cake – A Matcha Dream

Lava cakes are one of desserts that are fun to eat. A moist cake for the outer layer, but with a surprise waiting inside – a hot and sweet filling that warms your heart. Normally, lava cake involves a milk chocolate recipe and the filling inside is oozing with melted chocolate. However, using a substitute without chocolate normally used makes for a new creation. By instead using white chocolate combined with matcha (Japanese green tea), we create a lava cake that’s a slight bitter yet sweet sweet all-around. 

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The Basis of Lava Cakes

A lava cake is pretty much a regular cake, but with a delicious oozing chocolate filling inside. They’re single servings and super easy to make. Contrary to what it seems, the lava cake only requires one part. The oozing lava part isn’t a separate step as I had first thought myself. The outer part of the cake solidifies first, but the inner core still remains liquid. The trick is to bake the cake for a few minutes, enough to form a shape. Its like cooking a steak medium rare instead of well done. 

MissEvaBakes makes a simple yet delicious matcha lava cake that brings out richness of matcha flavors. The process of making this matcha lava cake is like making a regular lava cake. But instead of using regular chocolate, white chocolate takes its place. This leaves out cocoa solids which is the main ingredients in normal chocolates. By using white chocolate, this allows the matcha flavor to come to life without conflict. Since cocoa in chocolate is quite strong, it would compromise and negate any rich matcha taste. The blend leaves the lava cake in a green matcha color. Dig deeper into it and you’ll find a dark green matcha filling oozing out. To add to the matcha flavors, sprinkled matcha is gently placed on top of the lava cake for an extra oomph. 

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matcha lava cake
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MissEvaBakes' Matcha Lava Cake

Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American, Japanese
Keyword: Matcha Lava Cake


  • 1 whole egg yolk
  • 1 whole egg
  • 80 grams white chocolate
  • 50 grams unsalted butter
  • 25 grams cake flour
  • 10 grams matcha powder


  • Coat inside of a ramekin with soft, unsalted butter
  • Then coat with cake flour
  • Refrigerate the ramekin
  • Mix in cake flour and match green tea powder
  • Place white chocolate on a separate bowl and place on top of boiling water
  • Heat until white chocolate melts and becomes a smooth consistency
  • Beat eggs until volume increases and yellow color lightens
  • Add in melted butter and the melted white chocolate
  • Add in the cake and matcha mixture
  • Mix until a smooth and dark consistency (no more visible powder)
  • Take out Ramekin
  • Pour mixture into ramekin until about 80% full
  • Bake at 365F for 9 minutes or until solid shape is formed on the outside
  • Carefully loosen the cake from the sides and flip outside to remove the cake from the ramekin
  • Sprinkle excess matcha powder on top
  • Slice into the lava cake and enjoy

The Best Part of Matcha Lava Cakes

Like how I love regular lava cakes, I also love this matcha lava cake because of how simple it is to make. The contrasting texture and powerful matcha taste gives you a mellow yet sweet dessert. For me, its exactly what I need. I normally hate cakes and cupcakes because the sponge is so dry and flavorless. But with a lava cake, that concentrated filling intensifies every bite of cake you take. But now imagine every bite is an intense bite of matcha. Its like drinking matcha tea with your cake, but an added buttery sweetness to the matcha. 

Coat each ramekin with melted butter and a layer of flour for easy removal.

Mix flour and matcha flour together. 

Mix together melted white chocolate, beaten eggs, and flour & matcha mixture. 

Pour in new mixture evenly into each ramekin until about 3/4th full. and bake at 365F for about 9 minutes.

loosen by creating separation around the edges. Do the same a bit at the bottom and flip the ramekin upside down. Pat and lightly pound until the cake is removed. 

With the cake currently upside down, sprinkle matcha powder lightly on top. 

matcha lava cake

Cut in to reveal the lava portion and enjoy!

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