Recipe for Spicy Fried Rice with Blowtorch

Finding the Right Recipe for Spicy Fried Rice

Recipe for spicy fried rice may seem like a simple no brainer. Add chili to your fried rice, right? Finding the right mesh of spicy ingredients is the key to making delicious fried rice. Fried rice can be a combination of anything. Its about putting the right ingredients to be stir-fried together. 


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Like garlic butter fried rice, the garlic butter isn’t a normal ingredient in fried rice. But mixed with garlic butter, the fried rice isn’t an awkward flavor, but instead enhances it. Creating a recipe for spicy fried rice is the same. Its about all about finding the right ingredients to create complementary flavors. But I guess that’s cooking in general.

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Finding the Right Chili for Spicy Fried Rice

There are so many kinds of sauces and chilis out that making a spicy fried rice all depends on your taste. There are spicy Malaysian and Thai fried rice out there. They are delicious on their own right. Especially the thai fried rice which tends to use fresh chili in their fried rice which gives it a nice kick. I wanted a savory kind of spicy so I stayed away from anything too tangy. I love tapatio and sriracha because it somehow fits with most of my food, but they have a particular tanginess I didn’t want with my fried rice. Instead, I with flavors less used with a majority of dishes but were still my favorite. For my spice mix, I went with with chili oil and gochujang as my main ingredients for the heat. They’re not super spicy, but they are the savory kind, which is perfect for my kind of fried rice. I also needed some depth so I threw in ketchup for a touch of sweetness and garlic.  

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recipe for spicy fried rice
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BlowTorch Fried Rice

Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Chinese, Fusion
Servings: 2 people


  • 2 cups White Rice
  • 3 tablespoon Ketchup
  • 1/2 tablespoon Garlic Powder
  • 2 tablespoon Red Chili Oil
  • 1 tablespoon Gochujang
  • 2 ounce Pork Belly Slices
  • 1 slice Cheddar Cheese


Pork Belly

  • Oil up the pan a bit
  • Grill the slices of pork belly on the pan
  • Season with a light pinch of salt and pepper
  • Flip and cook each side until they’re lightly crispy.
  • Remove from the pan and lightly re-oil the pan

Fried Rice

  • Add in the chopped green onions and cook for a minute
  • Add in white rice and mix a bit with the green onions
  • Pour in the red chili oil, gochujang and ketchup onto the rice and mix thoroughly
  • Add in the garlic powder and mix well
  • place a slice or shredded cheese on top of the rice and slice of pork belly on top
  • Blowtorch the top of the fried rice until the pork belly has become crispy and cheese have melted

Enhancing the Recipe for Spicy Fried Rice

Whats great about this fried rice is there there’s already so much flavor packed. You could eat it on its own, which would be perfect for vegetarians too. Normal fried rice without any meat or veggies, tend to be too plain and would be hard to eat alone. My recipe for spicy fried rice is able to accommodate anyone. Whether they are vegetarian or simply wants some quick and simple fried rice to gobble down.

I wanted to further complete my fried rice by adding on more to the spicy fried rice. I envisioned a spicy yet crispy fried rice so I went with slices of pan fried pork belly. Instead of pan frying it until its crispy, I placed it on top of the fried rice with a slice of cheese and added even more heat. And by heat, I literally meant heat. I don’t have a blowtorch lying around, but its good to know others who do. Blow torching the fried rice gave the pork belly a nice charred taste. At the same time, melts the cheese and gives a slight crispiness to the fried rice in general. A recipe for spicy fried rice that literally brings out the fire to its full potential. 

Detailed Instructions

The Spicy Fried Rice is made up ketchup, gochujang, red chili oil, garlic powder, rice, pork belly slices, and green onions.

Begin by pan frying the slices of pork belly. Season with salt and pepper.

Cook until the pork belly begins to become golden and a bit crispy.

Oil up the pan and add in the chopped green onions. Leave in and stir until it becomes cooked.

Add in the white rice and stir together.

Season with the gochujang, ketchup, and red chili oil and garlic powder together.

Mix well together.

Top off the fried rice with a slice of cheese and the slices of pork belly from before.

recipe for spicy fried rice

Add in the last piece of heat by blowtorching the cheese, pork belly and fried rice. 

recipe for spicy fried rice

The cheese becomes melted and pork belly gets seared. 

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