matcha lava cake

Matcha Lava Cake – A Matcha Dream

I love this matcha lava cake because of how simple it is to make. The contrasting texture and powerful matcha taste gives you a mellow yet sweet dessert. For me, its exactly what I need. I normally hate cakes and cupcakes because the sponge is so dry and flavorless. But with a lava cake, that concentrated filling intensifies every bite of cake you take. But now imagine every bite is an intense bite of matcha.

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easy lemon bar recipe

Easy Lemon Bar Recipe – Simple and Delicious

Regular baked goods are delicious, but sometimes I want something lighter and refreshing. That’s where my love for lemon bars began. These baked goods infused with lemons gives you that refreshing feeling. Its perfect for those hot summers or when you need something more juicy. Because having cookies or other baked goods with milk doesn’t cut it in the summer, but an easy lemon bar recipe does.

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disney dole whip

Disney Dole Whip with a Refreshing Twist

Disney Dole Whip is one of those must-have desserts when you head to Disneyland. There’s usually a long line for it, but its worth the wait. Especially on hot and humid days. At a glance, Disney’s Dole Whip seems like regular soft-served ice cream with pineapples.

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whipped coffee

Whipped Coffee with Boozy Milkshake (For Adults)

The first time I saw whipped coffee, it was the trend on tiktok and like most people at the time, I had no idea what it was. This whipped coffee started in Korea and is instead called Dalgona coffee. It got the name Dalgona coffee due to its similarities with a particular Korean candy. Regardless of what its called, I became fascinated by whipped instant coffee. Its magical how it becomes so fluffy and creamy right in front of your eyes.

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Making delicious food doesn’t have to be a chore or rocket science. With the right tools and recipes on hand, making food can be just as fun as eating it. 

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