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recipe for spicy fried rice

Recipe for Spicy Fried Rice with Blowtorch

Recipe for spicy fried rice may seem like a simple no brainer. Add chili to your fried rice, right? Finding the right mesh of spicy ingredients is the key to making delicious fried rice. Fried rice can be a combination of anything. Its about putting the right ingredients to be stir-fried together.

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loaded nachos, with wontons

Loaded Nachos, A Chinese Mix with Wontons

Ever since I was young I loved loaded nachos because of how simple and tasty the dish was. My very first loaded nachos was at Taco Bell. Loaded with refried beans, cheese, and meat, I couldn’t resist. Its was so simple, yet so delicious. Back then there were few options for loaded nachos so Taco Bell was my go-to when I needed a meal and appetizer all in one.

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kimchi jjigae panini

MUST TRY Kimchi Jjigae Infused Panini

My first time having kimchi jjigae (or stew) was when I lived in Korea. Okay, I’ve had kimchi jjigae while eating korean bbq since its always complimentary, but it was the watered down kind. But what can you expect from free stuff? They’re not going to give you anything fancy.

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garlic butter fried rice

Garlic Butter Fried Rice: Super Simple to Make

Garlic butter fried rice is not something I made up, but its a dish I’ve enjoyed for a long time. I grew up to a family of immigrants in America. To provide for the family, my dad and got jobs cooking at restaurants. Somehow everyone ended up in a Japanese-style restaurant. These restaurants like Benihani made a special kind of fried rice – with garlic butter. This fried rice is so special because its so aromatic from the infused garlic yet super fluffy and a bit creamy from the butter. It brings fried rice to a whole new level.

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Making delicious food doesn’t have to be a chore or rocket science. With the right tools and recipes on hand, making food can be just as fun as eating it. 

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